Asset Labels and Service Solutions by ArmorerLink® and

Why ArmorerLink® and Camcode®

The ArmorerLink® and Camcode® alliance helps you maximize business results by uniting ArmorerLink’s software solutions and implementation expertise with Camcode’s Durable Bar Code Solutions and Services expertise.

What we offer

Industry solutions

Camcode® and ArmorerLink® are experienced in helping police departments improve data integrity and asset visibility through better firearm and asset management. Utilizing durable bar code labels, easy to use software, and proven automatic identification and data capture processes, Camcode® and ArmorerLink® can help police departments gain total control of assets and enhance management processes.


The experienced and knowledgeable Camcode® and ArmorerLink® teams have successfully performed asset inventory services for organizations around the globe. The comprehensive services offered focus on proven project management methods and are performed by individuals trained in project management processes. Camcode’s bar code labels, data collection programs, and ArmorerLink’s proprietary software are all customized to each organization’s needs.